Five Perfumery Ingredients To Make Winter Feel Like Summer

Feeling the gloom of autumn drawing in? In this post, we go through a selection of ingredients that will bring back that summer smile.

Lavandin Oil

The cousin of the famous lavender. Lavandin oil is found more widely than lavender absolute as this plant is extra resistant and bigger, therefore having a higher production yield. It smells very closely to lavender in that it is a fresh, aromatic, herbaceous ingredient with minty and sweet facets. Lavender and lavandin are harvested during the peak months of summer!

Neroli Oil

Floral and citrus in one! Neroli will remind you of the sunny Mediterranean coast where it comes from. Extracted by the distillation of the orange blossom flower, it has a double face fragrance that is sweet and animalistic yet clean, aromatic and citrusy. Orang blossom absolute is sweeter and stronger than neroli oil. It is a popular ingredient in baby products and traditional “eau de cologne”.

PRUNOLIDE (Aldehyde C18 or Coco)

As it starts to get chilly outside and the darker days draw closer, Prunolide will help you hold onto summer. It has a creamy, fruity and milky smell like suncream and piña colada. Thanks to its creamy coconuty scent, it will remind you of that relaxed, sun-kissed feeling on the beach. It is often used in associated with floral notes to give a sweet frangipani effect.


Benzyl-, hexyl-, and methyl salicylate are just some of the many salicylates used in perfumery. A salicylate s a class of chemical compounds that add a creamy, sand-like effect to a fragrance thanks to its soft and mild balsamic scent. It gives what we call a “solar” note. Used largely to create white flower accords such as jasmine, ylang ylang, gardenia and frangipani.

Lime Oil

A zesty, sparkling, greener version of lemon oil. It is arguably a touch more interesting as it adds something zingy and sour compared to the simpler lemon oil. Perfect for adding a cocktail touch to a fragrance and when want to play up the leafy, aromatic and green facets .

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