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How to Make Your Bespoke Perfume

At EPC, we know a thing or two about personalised fragrances as we empower people to explore, experience and experiment with fragrances.

We believe everyone can be the designer of their own personalised perfume.  

Here are 4 ways you can create a fragrance truly unique to you!

Layering fragrance

THE BASICS: Layering

Layering a scent with another is a quick route to give you a personalised perfume. Layering has gained popularity over the last decade with perfume lovers and it is one of the most popular ways to use perfumes in the Middle East.

The key thing to be aware of when you are trying out scents to layer, is the complexity of the perfume. There are some immensely intricate fragrances out there, and although these may be beautiful alone, they may be trickier to layer. A Chanel No 5 might be heavenly alone, but when layered with Guerlain’s Mitsouko creates a complicated fragrance cocktail.

You want to look for minimalistic fragrances with uncomplicated scent and ingredient formulae that aren’t too long. You can also look for scents with overlapping ingredients, two fragrances that use jasmine as a main note, for example. Try not to go for anything too complex, you could start by finding a nice soliflore, or a single-note fragrance, and layer it with another scent that has that ingredient in common.

Our favourite way to layer is to find fragrances on opposite ends of the fragrance wheel – just as with colours – these will often pair beautifully. Mixing a light citrus scent with the right woody fragrance might result in something utterly irresistible. Our Essentials collection – minimalist fragrances that celebrate the simple complexity of ingredients – were designed to be blended together and make for perfect layering pairs when combining an Essential from the TOP category (fresh scent) with another Essential with a BASE category (deep scent).

Layering can be done at any point of application, whether you begin with a scented body lotion that’ll compliment your perfume, spray one on top of the other (always begin with the heavier scent when doing this), or spray one on your neck, one on your hair and notice them mingle through the day. Whichever way you prefer, will lead you to your personalised fragrance.

Rose Essential Oil


Amping up your scent with another single perfume ingredient can also be a lovely way to personalise your fragrance, and really make it unique to you.

You could find a fragrance with a key ingredient you love, then overdose it with the oil of the ingredient. Say you’re a fan of our Rose/Rhubarb scent, why not amp it up with some rose oil from one of our ingredient kits to really bolster and emphasise the rose.

You can also layer with an oil directly on the skin, or mix in an atomizer, for a truly personalised perfume.

Blending Consultation EPC

BESPOKE EXPERIENCE: Find Your Signature Blend

Our fragrances have been especially designed to blend together to create endless possible scents.

Our Creation Sets were designed specifically with blending in mind and contains a choice of three fragrances that can be blended together with guaranteed success. The set is accompanied by a pipette, an empty blending bottle and a 70-page formula book that acts as a guide to blending: the height of blendable, customisable fragrances.

If you prefer to be accompanied in your blending journey, you may prefer to opt for the Creation Sets & online blending consultation.

If you’d like to meet our team of perfumers in person, you can also visit our London Lab – boutique where you’ll be taken on a blending consultation. Just come in with your nose, ready for a unique and fun blending experience.

Perfumer's Atelier

MADE TO MEASURE: Blending Your Own Scent from Scratch

One option for those looking for a fully bespoke fragrance, is to make your own scent from scratch, where you’ll be using perfume ingredients, dabbing into the “real” formulation.

There are varying ways of doing this, from blending at home yourself, to creating a bespoke scent with a trained perfumer.

Delve into the world of perfumery yourself with our ingredient kits or the Perfumer’s Atelier – a kit containing 50 ingredients, and a perfumer’s handbook, that will help you along in your quest for personalised perfume. After sniffing your way through you’ll be versed in various ingredients, and, combined with a Lab Pack for blending, you’ll have immeasurable combinations to play with.