How to Choose your Perfume Palettes for the Changing Seasons

Winter is here with her arms wide open. With the cooler weather, we’re all changing a lot. Our linen jacket is making way for our leather one and it’s time to rethink our daily scent.


Picking a new perfume can be overwhelming. Of course, we should pay attention to trends. But more than anything, we should prioritise our personal needs. Nothing’s worse than picking a perfume you’re not confident wearing or something that doesn’t suit your needs.

First, look ahead and ask yourself, what am I doing this season?

Are you planning to wine and dine your way through a new city, chase the sun across the world or embrace the first flakes of snow in the mountains? Whatever you need, there’s a scent for you. Whether you need top tips or perfume recommendations, we’re here to help you be experimental.

When moving from autumn to winter, we should consider a balanced fragrance that blends the best of both worlds into one. There’s no point hanging on to your summer all-citrus and floral sensation. It might get lost in a heavy-scented crowd. Equally, it’s a fraction early to re-order that rich winter favourite.

In the spirit of EPC and experimentation in general, here are some ingredients perfect for blending and some perfume options for cosy winter.


Tangy treasures


Using tangy notes will provide the warmth the sun no longer can. And these potent citruses provide a gentle step towards the harder, spicer oriental notes we all love when the weather is coldest. Citrus fragrances also help relieve anxiety and insomnia due to their effect on the nervous system. Great for those of us struggling with the shorter days.

Lucky for you we’ve been busy experimenting. Blending an Essential from the top fresh category (yellow) with an Essential from the base warm category (blue) will provide you with the perfect mix of warm freshness.

For those of you who love that herbal Nordic scent with a twist of tang, we have Cèdre Blond. The leathery cèdre is beautifully countered with tangy citrus, herbs and spices. Together, they fuse, producing a soft woody fragrance with smoky blonde tobacco notes and warming absinth.

Bergamot Noir is also a perfect contrast of freshness and warmth. Pairing two opposites in a blend full of both light and dark. The zing of zesty bergamot, paired with punchy pink peppercorn, brings a bright burst to this fragrance. A warming and sensual sandalwood mellows the scent to a skin-soft finish.

Woodland warmth

When the cold weather is starting to bite, it’s time to bite back with some of nature’s deeper notes. Try perfumes with woody notes like cedar, sandalwood and musk. Combine these with something light and delicate, like lavender or rose, to create a spitz of sensuality. If you are still looking for inspiration, we have you covered.

This year we’re introducing our new Autumn / Winter Edition Blend, Soleil D’Hiver. Blended with three EPC Essential Eau de Parfum, Cardamom Moss, Rose Rhubarb and Sandalwood Musk. Spicy, warm and mineral, this fragrance is a story of a rose under the snow.

The top notes of Cardamom and Pink Peppercorn are a delight; this blend unveils Moroccan Rose, caressed by Oolong Tea. Resting beneath the cold scent of snow, the base notes of Sandalwood, Leather, and Tobacco invigorate the senses while enticing the wearer for more.

Festive Nuts

Add some gourmand flavouring to your skin. Turning to gourmand notes is usually savoured for the depths of winter when we need something soothing to wrap ourselves in. But reaching for those delicious notes in winter is perfectly acceptable. And if you’re setting out for the slopes, it might be the perfect idea to centre your winterautumn fragrance around.

Black Nagarmotha is a scent that’s delicious enough to cut into slices. If you love those heavy, leathery notes that remind you of your hidden reading nook – this is for you. Accompanying those deep, sensual notes are the heart and top notes of sweet resins, spicy saffron, cinnamon and cardamom. Together, they blend into a fragrance you’ll want to curl up with.

After something just as deep but a little less sweet? Why not try Bois d’Absinthe. This winter wonderland scent combines Herbaceous woods, iris root, and cedarwood with light notes like petitgrain, basil and fig. Or experiment with the fragrance that was our starting point for a winter collection, Cedarwood Absinth. This fragrance leans on an herbal heart and top notes, combining woody and leathery notes with Cypriol root, balsamic undertones and patchouli.

Winter Blends Edition Set

Our Winter Set features 3 of our exquisite Signature Blends, each crafted from a unique fusion of scents, all dancing around our winter Essential – the sultry and powerful Cedarwood Absinth.

Soleil D’Hiver

An ethereal scent that evokes the frost and warmth of the winter sun, Soleil d’Hiver is nostalgic and enchanting.

Bergamot-Noir EPC
Bergamot Noir

Created blending the Essentials Bergamot Incense + Sandalwood Musk Pairing two opposites, bright uplifting bergamot with dark and sensual sandalwood. A blend full of both light and dark.


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