Spring Is In The Air, But What Does Spring Smell Like?

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Spring is in the air, but what does Spring smell like?

spring blossom

 We can officialy say ‘spring is in the air!’ with all those beautiful smells that come with the change of season.

But what exactly does spring smell like? We’ve explored some of the fresh scents you can smell during the season.

There are many scents associated with spring. Our sense of smell comes alive with the change in weather.  Gardens begin to bloom and the rain warms along with the air. We begin to venture away from the cosy indoors and spend more time in the great outdoors. We put down the deeper woody fragrances in search of light and fresh scents. Being around this exciting change evokes our sense of smell and creates strong memories. Here are just 3 of the things that let us know spring is in the air.


Over the winter months our gardens go into hibernation and need little tending to. Before you know it spring rolls around and it’s time to get things in order ready for the warmer months.

During spring nature comes alive, the ground filling with colour as flowers and grass begin to grow. On a sunny spring weekend you can hear the relaxing hum of lawn mowers and smell the scent of cut grass. Research has shown that the smell of cut grass can make us happier and reduce stress!


Leafy Green

Cut grass produces an oily, leafy green scent caused by a chemical reaction from the grass being in distress. The molecule Cis-3-Hexenol, naturally present in most plants, is used in small quantities in fragrances to recreate the smell of vegetation, leaves, grass, fruity notes such as apple and pear or flowers. It is a perfect ingredient to give any scent a spring twist – you can find it in our ingredients set 1Other green ingredients used to create the smell of leaves and vegetation can be Cis-3-hexenol Acetate, Stemone or Undecavertol.


Although the days start to warm again, the rain doesn’t leave us just yet (or at least where we are based in London!). The electricity in the air combined with changing weather patterns brings along thunderstorms and the well known April showers.

Our sense of smell is enhanced by the humid air as odour molecules can pass more easily through the sensory receptors in our nose. This then produces stronger smells.

When you wander outside after a storm has passed it often smells warm, damp and earthy. Those who live in more urban areas may also notice the smell of concrete or rock. Petrichor is the official name for the oily scent emitted from wet rocks!


Earthy & Aqueous

To create the smell of cold and wet rock, you’ll want to associate ingredients that have a dry earthy and mineral smell (such as patchouli or cashmeran) to wet aqueous notes such as Calone or Nonadienal (cucumber) for instance. Aldehyde would also give you an impression of hot metal.


Blossom typically begins to bloom in March but by April the streets are lined with powdery pastel colours of white and pink – if you’re lucky enough to live by blossom tree’s that is! In Japan, cherry blossoms are the iconic imagery of spring.

Their bloom is celebrated across the entire country in an ancient practice known as Hanami. Picnics are enjoyed under the blossom trees and the brief beauty of the petals is admired. To most people blossom symbolises new beginnings.

It carries a very subtle soft, sweet, musky and floral scent. Flowers smell best just before and after it rains because moisture in the air helps odour molecules travel!


Fresh and Floral

But we are talking here about all blossoms, that carry a sweet, fresh, green smell that can be almost imperceptible! Fresh and abstract floral ingredients such as Hedione, Lilial or Florosa will give you an impression of dewy fresh petals.

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    I am looking for a signature scent. I love clean smells some leafy musky smell.I live in Orlando Florida very hot and humid.I will like to have you create a scent for me what are your prices like.

    • Emmanuelle Moeglin / Reply

      Hello Frances, Apology, we are only seeing your comment here! You’ll find all our workshops under the workshop page on this website, but I’m afraid we are based in London which is a long way from where you are so unless you are visiting London soon, this may not work!

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    Hope you’re well. My friend joined one of your workshop in London & told me about the fascinating experience of perfume making. And when I was searching for marketing material I found epc again:D
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